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Polina Bolotova "Neither dreams, nor reality": catalogue / - M.: Finist, 2015. -52 p.

A postcard “Everything will pass away»


A poster “Everything will pass away».
Print on satin; size: 600x505 mm (almost identical to the original)


Posters, postcards, catalogue with my works can purchase in stores:



1. «Tsiolkovsky» Pyatnitsky lane, 8 (m. Novokuznetskaya)
Phone: 8 (495)951-19-02

2. «Falanster on Winzavod» 4-th Syromyatnicheskiy lane., 1, building 6, (m. Kurskaya, Chkalovskaya).
Phone: 8 (495) 926-30-42 

3. Postcards and catalogue only: "Falanster". Maly Gnezdnikovsky lane 12/27 (M. Pushkinskaya, Tverskaya, Chekhovskaya)
Phone: 8 (495) 749-57-21

4. Только открытки и постеры: На мероприятиях «Наследие Севера».


Postcards and posters only: at the "Heritage of the North" events.

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